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Making Pawprints of Happiness Along the Way!

Exceptional Edinburgh Doggy Daycare 

If an hour of exercise with Edinburgh Dog Walker is not enough for your dog and you’re looking for services outside the box, we can help.

Introducing our extraordinary Edinburgh Doggy Daycare Services, where your furry friend will embark on a day filled to the brim with excitement and exploration.

At Wagging Tails, we go above and beyond to make your dog's day an extraordinary one. As always we will pick up your beloved companion right from your doorstep and transport them to a realm of endless fun.


In the great outdoors, amidst fresh air and open spaces, your pup will revel in a full day of play and pure canine joy. 

We understand the importance of providing your furry family member with ample exercise and mental stimulation. That's why Doggy Daycare Adventures are designed to deliver just that, ensuring a day packed with adventure and new experiences. Venturing beyond the familiar, we make it our mission to take your furry friend to places rarely explored. Our dog walking excursions transcend the ordinary, offering your pup a chance to discover new scents and embark on thrilling explorations.

Doggy Day Care £35

Pick up


We’ll collect your dog in our fully air-conditioned, specially adapted vans and ready for the full day of endless fun. 

For the body

Morning  & Afternoon Walk

Walk, run, chase, sniff in the woods, splash in the water, discover new lands, climb some hills race and chase.

for the mind

Morning  & Afternoon Walk

After all hard work its time for quick refreshing snack and drink before stimulating games to give your dogs mind a workout too!

Drop Off


After full day of fun, it’s time for a quick towel down and we make the trip home for a well earned rest and dog nap.

Please note that above times can vary slightly depending on what direction we will be coming from and the traffic on the day.

Join the Gang!

Before joining a ‘Wagging Tails’ on daily adventure all dogs  are invited for a trial walk to meet the group and ensure they will be well suited and happy with us!  We also ask that your pup is up to date on their vaccinations and those who are over 2 years old (or 36 months,  after the growth plates fully close - this depending on their breed) are neutered.

For more information or if your pup is ready to join us at adventure please contact us.

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