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Terms & Conditions


The Wagging Tails will provide a time interval during which visits will occur. If an unforeseen situation arises, the time interval may be adjusted.
Bank Holidays/Public Holiday may incur additional fees which you will be advised of at the time of booking.
An in-home consultation is required, prior to reservations, FOR ALL NEW CLIENTS.
All bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the arrival date.

Payments and refunds

Fees are advertised on our website. Please be aware that our rates are appropriate to the level and quality of service we offer and are not negotiable. Prices shown are for walks during normal working hours (09:00 – 17:00) Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays). Weekend and evening Walks are subject to availability and are charged at the rate of Solo Walks.

•HOLIDAY RATE • – Christmas Eve & Day and Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, 1st & 2nd of Jan – For all pet services delivered on 24th, 25th, 26th & 31st of December and 1st & 2nd of January are subject to an extra 100% on top of the current rate.
An additional dog from the same household 75% of the price would be added.
Prices may change to reflect the associated costs of service delivery.
Payments are weekly/fortnightly/monthly. We accept BACs, (one week prior to service commencement and your departure) or credit card. We accept most major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard and AMEX via our PayPal business – invoicing account.

For regular dog walking payments, we ask you to set up a standing order – monthly in advance – to debit from your account, each 1st of the month.
Payment in full is due at the time of booking for occasional walks and home visits. This can be made by bank transfer, card payment or through the customer portal.
All services are required to be paid in full a week in advance and prior to service commencement and your departure
Where payment is not received in accordance with these terms and conditions of business, Wagging Tails reserves the right not to proceed with any previously agreed arrangements, and a cancellation fee will be payable. Any advance payments made and unused will be held for up to 3 months to apply to future services or bank details to provide a refund will be requested.  Any balance still held after 6 months will then become non-refundable as refund details were not provided in an appropriate time frame.

Clients with a regular booking who wish to take a break for holidays or illness are offered a one month window in which to restart services.  The availability of the previous slot after a break off longer than one month cannot be guaranteed as we can’t afford to have empty slots held for long periods of time and operate a waiting list for most time slots.
A 10% discount is offered for trainers and clients of Dog Assistance in Disability (Dog A.I.D.) on the production of your trainer’s card or client book.


In the event of cancellations that are notified to us 14 days prior to the start of the booking period, all fees less the non-refundable deposit will be refunded, or held over for subsequent bookings.
Any bookings that are cancelled between 14 days and 48 hours before the start date of the booking, will require 50% payment for services.
All bookings cancelled within 48 hours prior to service will start will be payable in full.
If the pet service provider, cannot provide the service agreed, we will do our best to arrange an alternative, unless in extreme circumstances, where we will endeavour to give 24 hours notice.

Aggressive Animals

Wagging Tails will not accept aggressive animals.
The client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including but not limited to medical care, legal fees, etc) if the client’s pet(s) should bite another animal or human.
Client agrees that on booking services for their dog(s) that they have represented that the dog(s) to have not shown aggression or caused harm, or threatening behaviour to any individual and/or any pet(s), and the client agrees to contact the provider as soon as possible if any of these behavioural changes presents itself or if it has the potential to cause harm to any individual or pet(s).
We will not walk unruly or untrained dogs.
If the client’s dog(s) whilst being walked shows aggressive tendencies towards the pet service provider or their family, or should its behaviour become unacceptable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, the client agrees that the service is terminated with immediate effect and the pet is to be returned to the location where it was collected.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) prior to starting at Love at First Sit. A copy of the client’s dog’s vaccination certificate must be shown before their first walk, with up to date treatment. All dogs must be in good health and have not been ill with any contagious disease or condition within the last 30 days.

The client understands that even though their dog is vaccinated against Kennel Cough there is a chance that their dog can still contract it. The client agrees they will notify Love at First Sit if they believe their dog has Love at First Sit and that they will not hold Love at First Sit responsible if their dog contracts Kennel Cough while attending.


The pet service provider shall not be liable to the client or be deemed to be in breach of the contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its obligations in relation to the services if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the pet service provider’s reasonable control.

The client is responsible for the full cost of treatment of any injuries or illness that their dog receives while under the care of Love at First Sit. The client authorises Love at First Sit to seek veterinary advice and/or treatment when they deem necessary. Where possible this will be carried out by the client’s usual vet, but if necessary, it will be any registered vet. Love at First Sit will always attempt to call the emergency contact before taking their dog to the vet.

Bitches may not attend Love at First Sit whilst in season or pregnant. Love at First Sit will not be held responsible for a bitch becoming pregnant while in their care.

Unforeseen Purchases

In the event that additional items need to be purchased in the absence of the client – i.e. pet food, litter, cleaning supplies or other necessary items that contribute to the health and wellbeing of your pet, the Love at First Sit will purchase these, retain a receipt and the pet owner is responsible for reimbursement of these items on their return.


If providing Love at First Sit with a house key, the client agrees that Love at First Sit will not be liable to the client for any loss or damage to their property or its contents arising from the provision of a house key. Love at First Sit will obtain two copies of your house key during the in-home consultation. One key will be held by the Love at First Sit while the other key will be coded for security and kept separately to be used only in the case of an emergency or lockout.

It is recommended that your keys remain in the Love at First Sit custody for convenience in the future use of our service and to confirm services via telephone.
Your keys will be kept in a secured lock system and are coded for your protection.


Please inform us of any changes regarding your contact numbers, your pet’s care needs, your emergency contact details and other pertinent information.

The client agrees to notify Love at First Sit of any aggressive or dangerous behaviour demonstrated by their dog that has the potential to cause harm to any other dog or individual.

Privacy Policy

All of your information will be kept private and confidential.
Love at First Sit highly respects our clients’ entrusting us with the care of their home and pets.
All of our records will be stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


All reasonable care is taken to ensure the integrity and suitability of the care provided.
Love at First Sit has valid public liability insurance, for the peace of mind of its clients.
The insurance only covers the Love at First Sit for the duration of the selected service, and only for services arranged with the Love at First Sit.
It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the property, its contents and pets are adequately insured throughout the duration of the assignment.

Additional Pet Care Assistance And Other Scheduled Services

Love at First Sit does not accept liability for other persons who will be in your home prior to, during or immediately after our services have been rendered.
Please inform us at the time of consultation of anyone who may have access to your home while you are away. This includes cleaning services, maintenance personnel, friends, family and neighbours.
It is understood that the client will notify anyone with access to the home that the services of the pet service provider have been engaged.

Changes to return date

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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